Maintenance 1:1



Workshop program of the German Pavillonin Collaboration with Venice Biennale LAB by Sto Foundation, AIT-Dialog and Iuav di Venezia.

During the Biennale, the curators of the German Pavillon (summacumfemmer, Büro Juliane Greb and ARCH+), are organizing a workshop program that seeks to prove a fundamental idea of Open for Maintenance: Only a social turn in architecture will lead us to sustainable practice. For the program, architecture students and apprentices of the trades will worl with local organizations on specific projects in Venice that focus on the care, repair and maintenance of existing buildings, als well as valorization and recognition of the work involved.

The program supports existing material and social (infra)structures counteracting the negative effects of Venice’s commercialization and actively promoting the social inclusion of underprivileged groups. The fully equipped workshop and material repository (collected by the curators from the leftovers of the Art Biennale 2022) in the German Pavillion serve as a productive infrastructure and a starting point for the interventions around the city. The participants will live together during the workshop’s duration, promoting dialogue which will be consolidated by a networking event in the fall of 2023.

At the halfway point of the Biennale, the German Pavilion itself will become the focus of the workshop program: architecture students from the Alanus University will devote themselves to minor maintenance and repair work on the existing building, which will then be used as a productive infrastructure and starting point for maintenance projects in the urban space of Venice for a further three months.

(source: ARCH+)

Participants: Willem-Jan Beeren, Bita Dianat, Anna Donath, Paris Deuter, Miriam Hamel, Neja Häbler, Julian Heiden, Leon Krug, Karolina Toczewska